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We all know & agree to say that most popular social networking website is Facebook .If we got time we may visit for a single moment.But all time we see same default theme which is boring.Isn't it?There are many websites where you can change facebook theme.So that's why I am  looking for this solutions and finally I have got the site .When I have changed my theme its very interesting to see my new facebook theme.Now you also may be thinking yes I also can change my facebook theme its pretty boring to see same theme all the time when i log in.okay never mind I am gonna share now my feelings and how i have done changed my facebook theme?

It is very exciting to me when i  change my theme at the first time .now let us see how can we change our facebook theme? here we go:
At first go to this link, you can see on your left hand Install plug in download it and after finish download set up the file.
now back to the main page again, here you can see a lot of funny theme .If you want to see the theme in big screen just click on view and you can see the theme well.Now install the theme which one you like.You are done.
Now log in your facebook and see how its look like? I am sure You love it.

Note:chameleon Tom toolbar cant be closed.I used it in Mozilla firefox.
Author:faridul islam
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