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faridul islam

Hot Facebook Emoticons List (full)

How the emoticons of Facebook is popular this thing only know who are using it .As a very much lover of Facebook, I am very happy to send Emoticons of Facebook. Yesterday, one of my friend ask me such a questions that I was unsure what I will do?I was in a fix - cant cry or cant laugh.Then I send this smile for escaping me to embrace situations I used this smile :)
  for that moment.
But it is very hard to remember so many codes .That's why i arrange all Emoticons in one place.may be everybody will get helped.

codes list:

Emoticon Name Code
smile smile :)
tongue tongue :P
wink wink ;)
grin grin :D
curly lips curly lips :3
kiss kiss :*
grumpy grumpy >:-(
glasses glasses B)
sunglasses sunglasses B|
upset upset >:-o
confused confused O.o
shark shark (^^^)
gasp gasp :o
pacman pacman :v
squint squint -_-
devil devil 3:)
unsure unsure :/
frown frown :(
cry cry :'(
Putnam Chris Putnam :putnam:
robot robot :|]
heart heart <3
angel angel O:)
kiki kiki ^_^
penguin penguin <(“)

how to use facebook chat Emoticons

from the list which Emoticons you will use just write down the code such as - <3 =
Heart (Heart)!!off topic
I hope from now I will be available in facebook, so try to add me in facebook to see me as your friend.
Author:faridul islam

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