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faridul islam

Killer Tips to use facebook most Effectively

Facebook now is a name of a mania for the millions of Internet user.If you search on online In a single day how many people log in facebook ? After see the statistics your eyes wouldn't believe it, Why I have said you this just go on and search "how many people log in facebook in a day?" you cant believe this by seeing the statistics results of facebook user.Now recently facebook active user is more than 500 million.can you believe it? yes its true.But If this huge user don't know how to use facebook most effectively? Then All goes to the wasting of time only on facebook.What ever you say what ever you do on facebook? If you don't know how to use this social networking system properly then I can say its a merely wasting of time only.So do you like to waste your valuable time on facebook?or you want to utilize this media for your own good? This decision only upto you.But as a facebook user although  I am not very experience  as like other social media experts but as far as I learn using facebook, this few things I am gonna share with you today.
so lets say now go to the main topics how to use facebook most effectively? I believe you have a facebook account and you have curiosity to know this facebook as well. okay for learning this thing I am giving step by step description just here......

Killer Tips to use facebook most Effectively

  • Attractive profile:
This is very important part of your facebook page.some time people check the facebook profile, if the profile is not attractive then the person who want to make friendship losses attractions of adding friends. see my profile here

  • Status update:If you don't update your status regularly, Your friends may be think you are not very active user of facebook.So you should update what ever your status in every day regularly.For this facilities you can go here you can register with your mobile for status update and stay connected easily all the time on facebook  but you don't have to pay any cents.What most importantly you have to know that you should filter of your friends update message because if you don't organize this you may have to face a lot of unknown friends status update message has filled your home page. You can visit here to know how to avoid unknown friends status update? I hope from now you can reply all your closed update friends message very well.

  • Add more friends: what is the most key factor of facebook? For me most key factor is the number of friends in facebook.If you have facebook but you are very shy to add more friends then one day you will see your facebook reader is only you.there is no need to have facebook if you don't have so many friends on facebook.I have given the tricks how to add more friends on facebook on my previous post but there I wrote only adding tips but you have to do more something for making more friends.

  • upload video:Facebook has given video file uploading faceilites on your facebook what you have to do is upload video as much as possible.Because when a friends will visit your page if they find you don't have any video file,  they can not judge your interest can check how to add video file  and  collecting video file on various item you can be treated as a witty person to your friends. On the other hand you should share this video file to your friends also.If you want make Friends just invite them sending the video file.

  • Upload picture: Facebook is better place for your photo album.Here you can share all your important picture to your facebook friends more over when you visit any new place or go for party with your friends you can share all the picture of all kinds of occasion on facebook .So all your facebook friends very easily can see your facebook photo.May be you don't want to share this picture with your facebook friends only who don't have facebook  you can share the picture also to them.

  • Chat smart : okay now you have a lots of facebook friends .you can chat with your friends all the time.But you don't know how to chat smartly? yes while you chat with your friends send Emoticons so that some time you can make fun with them. on the other hand if you don't like to make fun with your friends may think you are a dull minded.

  • Make more fun:Facebook is a medium of solid entertainment.Its a very entertaining when you chat with your friends or play facebook games. This is not enough actually you can surprise your facebook friends after hack  a facebook account. Its a double entertainment to you because when you hack your facebook friends account you can log in and use it without knowing your friends.but mind it this tips you should not use if you dot wanna make fun.if you miss use this facebook team may banned your account.

  • Block user:Yes all the time facebook friends can not be good for you. May for rush of blood or any other reason if you fall on quarrel with your facebook friends so you  make him off  by block user but don't want to delete him because who knows few days later your friendship can be reset with him.

  • Create Group:Why you should create group on facebook? yes let me tell you should create group to avoiding unnecessary facebook status update and easily sending message or for discuss any complicated  topics.If you have groups you can discuss  about any problems with them for finding the solutions.

  • Play games:Facebook has a lots of games to play with.If you like facebook games just play it with your friends invite them and make neighbours .you can earn points playing games.There is one of the most popular facebook games name is farmville

  • promote your friends to video chat:Its very good news to tell you that facebook has given video chat facility also. please check how to do video chat on facebook and you will be able to chat with web cam to your facebook friends.One thing I need to tell you facebook still testing it .this facility you can get if you use third party application only.

  • Give birthday wish:If you have a lots of facebook friends and you know their date of birth so what you should to do now is to send birth day  gift .Wishing to them you can manage to get more friends in future .

  • Share knowledge :share your knowledge to your facebook friends if you know any tips.This things some time people don't like to do it for their narrow minded attitude.but when you express your hidden knowledge, you may get rewards for this.

  • Connect with twitter:As you know that facebook is not only a popular social media networking websites there are few popular networking sites such as my space, hi 5 etc. also have .Twitter is most popular one of them. so if you don't connect with twitter you may loose a lots of friends.

  • Every month review your friends list:At last what you should have to do for using facebook most effectively is to review your facebook friends in every month.By review your friends You can check how many new friends you add, how many friends you delete, how many user you block etc. So this is very important part of  your facebook .

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