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faridul islam

Excellent most popular 11 facebook applications details

 Facebook now at present is a most popular social instant messaging service,  everybody would be  agree on this concern. Day by day facebook popularity is increasing.But do you know the secret why facebook is most popular? Ya Today I am gonna share this secret to you.This websites has a lot of Applications and these applications make the site most popular.

Now Today I am gonna introducing you few popular application of  facebook.

1.Free Gift:The application which is very popular in facebook is Free gift.May be all of you like this application. Using this application you can send your friend free gift & can receive free gift also.Here has  a gift shop - you can choose your gifts  such as Red rose, Teddy bear, small elephant, small toys, Hand watch, etc. Although these are all virtual but for different occasion its a new system to send gift.

2.Box net:This is a built in application of facebook.Most popular file sharing service is Box net.Most of the facebook user use this application.But who don't use this application for them i like to inform that in box net you can store upto1 gigabyte file. Moreover you can share this file on facebook by using this application.

3.virtual aquarium.:Most of us have  great hobby to keep fish as a show on aquarium.who don't like to see color full fish on aquarium?On the application list of facebook this aquarium has been on your profile you can create a virtual aquarium and can keep fish and send this fish  as a gift to your facebook friends .If you wish you can choose octopus also for decorating   your virtual aquarium.
4.Gravity:This is one of the most popular application of facebook. because it helps  to developed creativity amongst us .If you add this application in your profile you can  customize  your profile out look of your and  for your  friends profile also. You can do some painting using this application to customize profile page to have some fan.I like it and using this application myself.
5.I like:The reason of popularity of this software is that  this is a musical application.A lot of Internet user like to listen music on online.This software is specially for them.Here you can store favourite music and you can trace songs from your friends who are listening the songs.Using this software you can create a list of chart for attending concert and can able to invite your friends to join with you.The most interesting part of this software is- the software will play song for you but you have to answer who is the singer? etc. This is a very good facebook application for crazy songs lovers.
6.scrap blog:Another most popular facebook application.You know when we were young we had to made a scrap book.May be some of us still liked to create scarp book using this application it is very easy for you to do so. More over you can add favourite songs image, music video etc .
7.zoho-online office:Very few of us know about the online service of zoho.But now its coming on facebook as a application.Using this application you can create document, spreadsheet, etc. you can also do presentations and can do online  database as well.Although still have some problem on this application s for this reason developers are trying to improve this application, who knows day by day it will become most popular facebook application as well.
8.Brain scanner:Recently i have used this application and no doubt to say you also love it.its user are gradually increasing  day by day.But still I have confusion about the result of this application .This application works with profile information and it will published graphical chart after analyzing your profile information .
9.Personality:This is one more popular facebook application.Firstly you have to face some hypothetical question about your mind and it will create personality of your based on the answer of your question.
  10.Fashion TV:If you are fashion lover and like to know most of the recent update of fashion then this application is perfect for can use this application to get update news of  fashion and model etc.
11.Application developer service:After reading all those application you may now thinking if i had one facebook application and what if everybody will use my application?yes you can upload your own application in facebook and can share it to use all of your facebook friends.So in that case you have to add this developer service application in your facebook Account and you can start developing .Here you can get all kinds of application developing tools and user details.

You can comment here which application you like?

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Author:faridul islam

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