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faridul islam

Facebook in mobile & update your status very easily

Facebook has reached the highest popularity in the world.Even more it is now fourth biggest community.Now let us see without regular version of facebook how can we log in? Yes today we will see some mobile version of facebook. so lets see here....

  • Facebook lite:This is a light version of facebook.India and its neighbor's countries who are suffering from low bandwidth, for them this version was released.let us visit now 
  • facebook lite.

  • Facebook touch:This is also facebook light and small version.specially this version used for touch screen can use it from pc let us visit
  • facebook touch.
  • Facebook mobile:This is mobile version of facebook.You can  get all kinds of facilities from mobile or pc.Let us visit  
  • facebook mobile.
  • I SEE YOO:You no need to open webpage but still you can update your status .Moreover you can see your friends status .To run this software you must have to installed Adobe AIR in your pc.
  • download link: here
  • Notification2:This is also a Desktop App as status updating tools.using it you can update your status without opening webpage.on the other hand, you can check message events,friend request etc 
download link:here

Image uploading and downloading

  • Adobe photo uploader:This is a image up loader of facebook.Any image can easily upload to Facebook.just drag and drop .To run this you must have Adobe AIR in your pc.
download link:here
  • Photo Grabber:This is Facebook image downloading may know on my previous post how to download image but here you can very easily download tag image.on the other hand its very easy to use, just tell it where the image located, it will download for you .
download link: here

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faridul  islam

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