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faridul islam

Remote logout System in Facebook!!!

Recently Facebook has launched a new feature.Remote logout system .You can logout from facebook now from another pc.This system also available in gmail.Lets say you log in facebook from cybercafe or your friends pc  and you forgot to logout from there.So this thing may cause security problem to you.If someone log in using your account  your facebook can be viewed by other person.
so you faced security problem.But the good news is you can logout from that last session from another nobody can log in anymore.To try this feature in facebook what you have to do is...go to Account >account settings now click Account security tab Most recent activities is showing now your log in you can see Active log in status also this is the last season which you never logout from other here you can see computer name and time (date,last time)where (place name ,Isp name) browser, operating system etc. are displayed .
now to log out from there click End Activity link.You are done.
Now you are only logged in only current pc.
enjoy happy facebooking.

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Author:faridul islam

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faridul  islam

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