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faridul islam

Use Gmail as data hard disk | internet hard drive

You can use any Data from your Hard disk to save in your Gmail Account directly as the picture shown below.

Use Gmail as Data hard disk

You have to install Gmailfs113 (160 KB ) a small plug- in your computer. So download this plug-in.You can say this a Internet hard drive can set up it within 3 second.( may be) After set up open my computer. you can find a new hard drive (Gmail Drive) has created .That means you are going to get 7 GB free hard disk space free.

Now the Data which you want to back up to your Gmail Account from your hard disk - Right click there and click send to Gmail drive .You can see the picture below  -as like this

Now  give user name , password and log in, the data will start to send to the GMail hard disk.

size:160 KB

Download link:Click here to download gmailfs113

Backup your Gmail now.Save your important mail to computer

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author:faridul islam

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