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faridul islam

Find out who has ignored or removed you from Facebook?

Hi guys, Today I am back again to share with you a facebook tip. May be you would be very unhappy if anybody ignored or removed you from facebook friend list right? So how you know who are they? how to find out who has removed or ignored you from facebook? Yes i have a solution for you.using this tips you can enable again your friend request also.So lets see here below how to find out who has removed or ignored you from facebook?
  • First step:Download Unfriend finder from this link.
  • If you use Mozilla Firefox then you need to install Greasemonkey.To install it click here.
  • Now log in Facebook.
  • A menu named Unfriend will pop up.

  • Now you can see who has ignored or removed you from here.
Note1:This software support mozillafirefox, Google chrome, opera and safari.
Note2:To Enable friend request again you have to removed previous friend using this software.then you can send request again.

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This method is no longer available. Please Go to this Link To know Who has removed you on facebook.
Author:faridul islam

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