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faridul islam

Business on Facebook or twitter | facebook marketing tips

 Communicating is the giant term for the first and major benefiting purpose of using facebook or twitter.But Does communication is only Exist on  facebook or twitter?
No.Not only communication but also have several reason of using facebook or twitter .May be you read the post why we are failing to gain online money using fb or twitter? In this post i have given more details .hi guys don't be confused Today I am going to introduced again why we are addicted in facebook
or twitter?How to make business on facebook or twitter through the Internet. Internet  have  a lot of sites for connecting people.But facebook or twitter is the most popular of them.

Why this two sites are so  popular?Is there any business purpose there? How to make business on  facebook or twitter?This questions answer can be find on this topics.May be while you are reading this topics you are in facebook also.
what are you doing now there?What i imagined is"You are chatting with someone or reading status update or viewing photo albums or sending sms.what ever it is you may not open facebook for nothing?
can you find any people?

Purpose of using Facebook or twitter?

who open facebook for nothing?I don't know may be have or may be not.Okay now what i need to say to you what is your benefit actually sharing instant message with your kin or friends in facebook ?Answer is
You are connected with them 24 hours.So this is the real benefit to you to stay closer even you are in Miles of miles away."
May be all of you would be agree to this point that "we are not far from our kin or friends "by the service of facebook or twitter.
This is a real time tracing services from you to others.But can you tell me what is the other benefit of using it?
Status Update,sharing blog content,business update,image update ,online blogging,Sharing videos,sharing photos,Giving advertisement,Create group ,
publishing products etc.there are so many things so why you gonna stuck only chatting?Most worst what i have found is"This is now what happening today that some of the user uses
facebook for update their status only.they come in leave a message and go off."
And majority of the facebook or twitter user have only chatting hobby.they use it for chatting purpose only.Some stuck on them playing the question is why facebook and twitter user unable to do business  from it if they uses facebook or twitter regularly?Yes, now we need to understand something-some of the online user who have facebook or twitter for making friendship with girl.don't laugh it is true.They set their profile
like they need girl Friend.So what do you think about them? Some have no profile.They are fake user .what i mean about them.They may don't know the real benefit of using fb or twitter they only know how to
make friends only....etc.They are using facebook for fun only.But do you think facebook is a funny place in the online arena?No this is not.This is a place for sharing instant knowledge,inventing idea and apply
the changes our life  through it .

So do you even know how to turn facebook or twitter into a money machine services?May be you cant find any single guy who don't like dollars for getting online money.And the real benefit is here if you
earn dollars you are really benefited.what i mean benefit "here is making money by using facebook or twitter.benefit is here is called business.May be you can think others way for the term "benefit"but i mean to gain dollars.why i mean like that why i
cant stuck only with above servises?Because i know present world there is none who run after money?So if you wanna start business on  facebook or twitter what should you need to do is most importantly :

Business with friends

Business on Facebook or twitter | facebook marketing tips 

1.Try update your status mostly at the begin of the day.
2.Use facebook application for online business.
3.Read fb blog regularly and find which application is suit for your facebook business

4.Most of the facebook user have tendency only chatting give up this hobby and find another way of spending time
5.Try communicate with your facebook Friends through video chat or voice chat because conversation is the key for business
6.Discuss about your own business this would  be your conversation purpose.
7.Facebook has a lot of application use of this application to promote
your business
8.Read facebook business books how to earn money using facebook marketing
9.Try to find out an effective idea that how to talk about business products to facebook friends for attraction
10.Build up high quality profile for your business and your fb profile
11.You must find people who have interest in online business -so give advertise targeting with these kind of people
12.Of course online business has link to online credit card so while selling products give concession on who are your fb friends
13.Create group with your online business friends so that you can identify them easily, backup your facebook information
14.Concentrate  on facebook, read facebook blog find essential tips learn facebook application.

we know that facebook or twitter can be total solution for online business but it can help only when we have huge friends and we know the right process of embed with these large number of
people in our business through fb or  twitter. so what should we need to do now is give up wasting time in using facebook or twitter for only entertainment purpose only.If we could
understand that dollars are not so far from us.
good luck in facebook business ....

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Author:faridul islam

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