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faridul islam

Learn How to Recover A Deleted File From Recyclebin?

Hi guys Few days ago I have given a post How to recover a deleted file from computer which we accidentally delete.But At that post I never show you the whole process of recover the file.Don't worry today while i was browsing online found another software for very easily   to recover a deleted file.This software  name is Pandora: You know now a days we accidentally delete our file from windows.Some time we don't find very important file from our computer.To solved this kind of file deleting or file missing problem I am gonna show you today how to Recover deleted File from Computer.

Don't worry first of all Download the file from this link.Then Follow the step below to recover a file....
I have given here example with image so that You can understand well.

*A lot of experts claim that deleted data can be recovered 100 percent.but this is not 100 percent truth.

*Data can be recovered but there is no guarantees .It depends on situation.
*Some times half files or incomplete files or only file names are recovered,such things are useless,as you cant view them or read them whats the use of recovirng them?
*So I suggest always be careful before deleting data.
*Better safe then sorry lol

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Author:faridul islam

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