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faridul islam

10 Best ways to use Facebook chat outside of facebook

Facebook is not only the place for chatting with facebook friends right now. There are several options have been developed now in online for alternative chatting place out side of facebook.
You would be glad to chat with your facebook friends out side of facebook, if you don't like to go facebook home page. Here i am gonna show you

10 best ways to use facebook chat outside of facebook.

Its a quite similar to mozilla's prism project. however it support fb and google talk. you can use it for windows or OS x both.
2.Digsby:digsby is multi - service (IM) client which is currently support huge number of chat client such as: AIM, yahoo,messenger google talk ,twitter, myspace and facebook. what is the best of it is you can manage your email accounts via digsby
3.Adium: Adium may be it has launched facebook chat in beta version. it has some extra facilities - like friends profile image viewing and facebook status view. but socking for windows user - it is available for only mac OS x (sorry for windows)
4.Yahoo messenger:
Thanks to yahoo web messenger for the yahoo messengers users its a very good news that recently yahoo beta version messengers has add facebook chat application client just install new yahoo messenger  and connect with facebook chat  giving fb id and pw. so from now you can chat with yahoo and fb friends both in yahoo messenger.
Meebo is a web version chat client (IM) real time online chat service in a single web. For all kinds of chat client its a blessings. It enables user to share easily even on the web. I like this web service for chat. Absolutely user friendly.
If you are a crazy mobile user and don't have time to go PC this mobile version of nimbuzz is for you to chat in facebook. It supports most of the chat clients in online
This is also for chat in mobile. I am currently using this application. It has same features as nimbazz but before begin to start use it you have to register first and after log in you can configure all chat client even facebook.
8.Rockmelt browser: If you like to browse and chat in same place then this browser is for you. Why rock melt because it has been made for facebook specially and you need to give fb account to  access  this browser. Currently in beta version.
9.Pidgin:I think pidgin is the best (IM) solution for chat currently it has developed some features facebook has no1 choice to chat from here to me. How to configure pidgin for facebook chat to know click here
10.Firefox sidebar: Even in firefox , facebook  chat is available at FireFox sidebar. You can use this browser to chat in facebook without log in facebook home page. How to configure this to chat in facebook to know it click here.

Facebook  has gain currently most popularity for its instant messaging and status update. I have given here all the possible ways to use facebook chat. If any other options are available please don't feel any hesitate to add here with comment. Your valuable comment will help us to know more.

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