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faridul islam

How to stop facebook photo tag by friends?

Few days ago  i have got one email from a facebook friends. He wrote me that some one Tag his facebook photo but the picture which has been tagged by his friends was not a good picture to him. So he was feeling in an embarrassment that was very unusual to him. What he write i have given here"
In my facebook accounts my friends tagged my photo. I want to know how I will stop photo tag? So that they can not anymore even though my friends cant tag my photo. How to stop that? And there are some tag photo have in my profile how to removed them also"
tag photo

Actually i was feeling sad after reading this email. you know why because after reading this i have known some of the facebook user using facebook without following its rules and regulations. A person can be banned using facebook if he misused his account. But the above matter is not exactly same though what i need to say here yes you can tagged your friends photo but if your friends have fallen in embarrassment situation then its not acceptable to you to do so. So what we should need to know is to read facebook user policy and rules so that we could use facebook safely without creating harm of anybody. Now come to the main point yes you can stop this thing just click at "remove tag" below your picture . By clicking here you can removed your tagged photo.

Now how to stop to tag on your photo ? You should go to your privacy settings and customize it and click save changes after that you will be safe from it.

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April 13, 2011 at 8:47 PM delete

It sure would help to prevent the latest virus in Facebook were the virus auto tags every single person in the friends list of the compromised account. this showing the victims friends friends the link to the virus spreading to many many many more victims per second. here I wrote a bit. you seem to have better rank than me so get a an idea of what I am talking about, do your research and post this neater..