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faridul islam

Speed Up Computer Without Any Software

In general we have seen a lot of people try to use a lot of Software for speed up their pc. Actually Are that kinds of Software Speed up our pc? In really this kind of software sometime guilty for slowdown our pc or they causes a lot of trouble. So if i want to speed up my computer what should i do? If third party software never speed up your pc then you must try to find out alternative way. So you have to find out how to speed up computer without any software?
Today I am gonna tell you how to speed up your pc without installing any software? You don't believe it ? Just try and follow me what i am saying here. You could see the difference after the changes some registry value of your pc. So why late just do what i say.
To make your pc fast you no need any software what you need is a Notepad and of course a Windows based pc. So lets start here:

Speed Up Computer Without Any Software

Firstly open your notepad just go to run command type notepad and it will open or from sart menu Accessorise  find notepad. Now only type mystring=(80000000) and save the file as ram.vbe and save the file on desktop.
Now go to start > Run and type regedit press Enter Now  at HKEY_CURRENT_USER Double click at control panels and single click at desktop now at right pane you can see the registry item. From there find out Menu Show Delay and double click on it. Now its string editor will open . Generally its  value is 400
From there change its value to 0 and click OK. Now go to file and exit. Restart your computer. Now after restart of your pc go to desktop and double click at ram.vbe this file work in background. So after double click on it it will start its work and nothing will open differently. If you want you can keep this file to start up menu so when you run pc it will automatically run .So you no need to open it all the time. On the other hand you can hide this file from desktop to maintain nice view of your desktop.
Now go to start menu or any other program you can see that all programme are opening so fast. Now enjoy fast pc in slow computer without any software.
Have you faced any problem to complete this step just comment below. And we will try to reply as soon as possible.

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November 5, 2011 at 4:17 PM delete

it was gr8,bt i wanna ask when i click on notepadfile/ram.vibe it opens as it is a notepad with written it rite

faridul islam
November 6, 2011 at 8:12 PM delete

@nudrat, yes you are correct but if you feel boring to open notepad file all time then just copy and paste it in start up. it will be done automatically.