How to check That My Antivirus is Working?


Online and virus between  these two first one is friend and other is enemy to us. I mean i have Internet and i don't have any virus in my pc if i guess like that then its very soon my pc will go to service vendor. Do you know that maximum virus are coming from online rather than other services. So if you have Internet connection you must used antivirus in your pc. But everything is okay. You have pretty good strong antivirus protection and Internet connection as well - still something you are doubting that Am I protected 100% from virus ? You cant rely on antivirus so free. So what should you need to do ? Yes you are thinking now

How to check That My Antivirus is Working?

So may be you are tired on scanning on pc. You need to do something extra. Here i am telling you how to check that my pc antivirus is working? To do this check you have to copy or write few words in your notepad. Then save it giving any name. Now go to this file and check it with your currently installed antivirus. Do you see something? Yes if this file can catch by your antivirus as a potential harm then you can be 100% sure that your antivirus is working well. Lets find the code below:

Note: This is not any critical virus. Don't be worried about this file. This is a logic file of a virus. You can delete it or when you check by antivirus the file will automatically removed. So after applying actions with the antivirus the message will show like this image below:

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