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faridul islam

How to increase English Vocabulary most effectively

Hi guys i hope everything is alright. I was very busy with my another personal finance blog that's why here i cant write or update any post. Never mind i am back again today and this is a another interesting topic .

How to increase English Vocabulary most effectively

Reading English novel


I have written about how to check grammar error in online most effectively, so this is another good stuffs for you to enrich your word power and increase English vocabulary. So here we go:

  • 1.Using English to English Dictionary smartly.
  • 2.Reading newspaper, magazine,journal and a lot of English articles
  • 3.Visiting and reading English blogs
  • 4.Mutual conversation in English
  • 5.Listening English news on Radio and TV See the Hollywood movies most importantly if you see the historical English movies you can learn fast
  • 6.Using smart phone which has dictionary built in
  • 7.Know the use of English suffix and prefix properly
  • 8.Reading story books and English novel
  • 9.Write down the complicated word in a note book using different color of pen and using Oxford, Cambridge, long man etc various English to English dictionary.
  • 10.Memorise everyday at least 5 words.


English its international language and we have to use this language properly. If we know little bit word then its very difficult to express mind expression properly. So that's why we have to emphasise on English vocabulary.

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