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faridul islam

How to use Facebook Most Securely

Facebook is  going in online so well with huge traffic. I cant tell you how is the exact facebook user now currently but day by day it is building tremendous fans around the world. We can see its popularity in every place of the the world where reached Internet, Facebook also become a part and partial social website in the Internet. So there is huge security thread can be found in Facebook. We need to use facebook most securely so that our personal data and account information never hack or  leak out into the online user. Here I am gonna discuss today

How to use Facebook Most Securely

So to stayed Safe and secure in Facebook You should follow the steps are given below:
Log in your Facebook Account and then go to this link:Security Information Page. If your facebook account's safety is strong then you can see the green color writings or not strong you can see red color writings.So if you find the color is red then You have to do something here. You have to add more than one email id in first option. In 2nd option add mobile number and In third option add security question.
So you have to remember that all kinds of facebook hacker try to hack facebook email id. So try to add more email id than one. So if your email id has been hacked, you can recover your email id. On the other hand go to the right hand coroner top of the page at account/ account settings/security settings then change the right hand side check box with check marked and then save the settings. From now if you log in your Facebook account you will see a new page has come with new computer name and then give any name and click continue, you can securely log in your facebook account.
On your application page if you think any doubtful apps already added to your account then go to account>privacy settings/edit your settings (applications and website) Here you can see app you use tab. Just click removed options for removing your doubtful apps.

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