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faridul islam

You can Use your Cellphone As Webcam

Hi guys, At recent time online chat is quite becoming major activities as other stuffs. We  have seen a lot of people like to share their thoughts using Internet via  Voice chat and Video chat. At present  one of the most common activities in online is to voice chat with distant person. More likely the person who like to voice chat, he or she can do video chat as well. But you know most common problem is that if we like to do video chat both person must have webcam . If there is no webcam video chat would not go through. A person having webcam chatting  with other persons webcam is called video chat..
Today I am gonna show you

How to video chat with other person even not having webcam?

You think what? It cant be possible right? But as time have passed and Internet technology have developed a lot now You can use your cellphone as Webcam. Think again You can use your own cellphone as webcam. If You don't have installed webcam in your pc but you like to do video chat, You can do it just installing a software Mobiola WebCam

Yes it is true that most of the pc don't have installed webcam facilities. So if they like to do video chat they can use cellphone camera as their webcam. But All cellphone may not support to do this, You have to use Nokia symbian OS version 3 to 5 Handset to get this facilities.

How to start Video chat using cellphone:

well, first of all Download MobiolaWebCam software to your pc. after download it install the software to your computer. Now after installation ,You have to find out cellphone registration license code. After complete installation connect your cellphone via usb cable or Bluetooth- . Now you can use your own cellphone camera as your webcam.

So enjoy video chat with your friends, stay connected.

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