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faridul islam

Best wordpress plugins That You must Use

This is my first post about wordpress blogging. Specially who are blogging in wordpress platform they can enjoy a lot of plugins and extra few facilities their Blog. More over for total blogging you must choose wordpress. Now - a days all kinds of professional bloggers are choosing wordpress. But if you don't have proper knowledge in code like as php,css then its quite tough for you to design your wordpress blog. Lets say you are new in wordpress Blog and you don't know php,css -so you cant blogging in wordpress? is it? No even you don't have any knowledge in php you can carry on blogging on wordpress too. By the by here i am not talking about . I am giving this post who are blogging in . So lets make your wordpress Blog seo friendly and attractive looking by adding some extra plugins to your blog. Here today i am gonna discuss 20 most important wordpress plugins you don't need to learn any code or script just add enjoy the cool facilities of your plugins in your wordpress Blog.

Best wordpress plugins That You must Use

1.All in one seo pack:
For search engine optimization this could be best plugins for your thesis theme. It has the ability to generates meta tags autometically to your blog. version
2.Cookies for comments:
May be its very good to have many comments for your blog. But when a lot of spammers comment full your comment box, it will heart you right? So cookies for comment can be best solution for it that set a cookie which must exist to be allowed a comment.
3.Follow me:
I am not sure which option you choose for follow me. wp follow me plugins can be best plugins for you. You dont need to know tough coding to install follow me box to your blog. Just install wp follow me its a cool way to add twitter follow me badge on your blog.
4.Google xml sitemap:
You have set up a better informative blog. But what you never do is that you dont have any sitemap for your blog. If you want to get quick visitor and all search engine visibility like google, yahoo,bing and then google xml sitemap is right choice for you.
5.Header and Footer:
For google site verification and others search engine meta tags verification , you must have install header and footer that will help you to add javascript in header or footer pages for your blog.
6.Html page sitemap:
This wp plugins will add Html (not xml) sitemap to your blog. You have to install only a short code [html-stiemap] This is very easy wasy to use sitemap for your blog. You know know sitemap is very important to indexed all pages and easy serch for your blog.
7.Recaptcha Form:
You have to set up relationship with your blog readers. And if you don't have any option for this then it will be quite tough for your reader to contact with you. But recaptcha contact form is easy solution for this and if any one like to contact you they can use this from. Require php 5.0 or higher
8.Sexy Bookmarks(by shareaholic):
There are a lot of share and bookmark plugins in online but why you will be happy to use this sexy bookmarks becuse its really sexy and nice looking and all social bookmarks icon you can get easily.
9.Tweetmeme Request button:
Very best article and you feel to re-tweet it, how to do that? yes tweetmeme is the best solution for re tweet for best article.
10.Wordpress related post:
This is the most essential wp plugins that can easily help you to add related post after every post. You no need to do complicated coding just use this plugins.
11.wp minify:
Dont wait a bit to install it , if you want o improve your page load time. You know if your site take too many time to load with then certainly you will gonna lose visitor and it will effect in your ranking position .
12.Wp super Cache:
All wp administrator should have this wp super cathe. Very fast cathcing plugins for wordpress. It will speed up your wordpress blog significantly similar to wp minify.
13.Feedburner Circulation:
You dont nedd to go your feedburner site to check how many members are subscribed to your blog. Just install it and it will show on top of your site  the statics. How many rss subscriber you have and how any members are following you. Very nice plugins to know the feedburner statics without log in to it.
14.Tweet old post:
Don't be shy to remind your old post to your twitter community friends list using this super wp plugins .It will help your reader to remind them about your old post if they had missed any.
15.Reply me:
This is very useful plugins if anybody comments in your blog it will automatically send an email to them as a direct responds . This can build conversations which you need to set up for your reader.
16.Smart affialite link:
Who don't have intention to earn money using affiliate link: This is a must have plugins for anyone making money with seo and affiliate products.
17.Pingback optimizer:
Get link building so easily using ping back. It works great and your back link indexing rates must be improved.
18.Post mash:
You can decorate your post by this plugins. You know some time you may have certain post which is need to set in certain place of your site and you can easily do this by this plugins.
19.Wp Robot:
If you have certain amount of money then i must say get this premium plugins for auto blogging . You should not worry about post writing and it will help you to auto post your content from various of source like amazon,click bank,youtube,Ebay, flickr,Yahoo and many more.
It has powerful translation module, it can re-write any post and make it unique.Very cool.
You like to trackng your visitor but using which plugins would be best for you, if you ask me then i would suggest you to use wassup. Its a real time visitor tracking plugins.
Bonus plugins:
Thank me later:
To get impression for first time visitor ,you can use this  plugins to register them to rss reader. or contact with you personally. Its cool way to invite new visitor for register of your blog .
Okay guys here i am trying to list all the most important wp plugins and it will be very helpful to you for your wordpress blog. I personally use most of them which i have included above. Hopefully you will be benefited too . If you like this post don't forget to share this page with your friends.

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