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faridul islam

How to Get Classic Start menu In Windows 8?

You have  switched to new windows 8 environment. But here you have found that on the start menu the regular versions of program list is missing. Yes in Windows 8 developer preview its been not set by the software professional of Microsoft they like to hide this option  due to some privacy policy reasons. But here we like to find out how to get back this classic menu in windows 8?

How to Get Classic Start menu In Windows 8?

No ways of searching or finding program list in windows 8 and you like to make it easier as windows 7. So not so hard to get back it here you need to just install a tiny apps which is called Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle
The policy was that the user of new windows 8 can familiar with another interface which is called metro style screen. So guys its up to you which type of program list or style you like to use on windows.
We here will show you how to get back classic style menu in windows 8 start screen options
Go to this site and download the zip file from here.
Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle.
Its a compress file just uncompressed and run it. after run it you will be able to get back classic menu in start menu section of windows 8.

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