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faridul islam

How To Skip ads on YouTube

Guys i am very tired now a days for giving you update post all the time. So therefore its seems that i am missing all of you from this blog. Never mind i will try my best to give you recent update about tech and so today i have given you a Little tricks to enjoy Youtube video most smoothly.
If you  love to watch youtube video but for the disturbing ads bother your watching video experience then here today check this post for skip ads on youtube. Why you need to skip ads i already tell you most of the time when any nice moment or nice scenery have appear on screen then disturbing ads made it difficult to watch the video. So at that time what we did just click cross on the YouTube ads. So every time this boring ads come and at that  time we need to click  on  cross button on ads to close it. But from now if you are google chrome user then you are lucky enough to watch yourtube video very smoothly Without any ads. okay guys lets find out

How To Skip ads on YouTube

To Skip ads on YouTube You have to use google chrome on your computer or laptop
Find this extension Skip ads on YouTube and install it on your chrome browser.
From now you can watch youtube video without any ads at all. How nice and enjoyable it is now lets check it out from below: It works great on cosmic panda Just go to panda  and play any video while playing any video just click on blue play button to skip ads. Its very easy. Here is the example :

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