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faridul islam

Too long to login googletalk lab edition problem Solved

Hi guys its a new problem for those who like to chat in google talk lab edition in invisible mood but recently it has taken   too long to login and at last the person unable to login anymore.You cant able to chat in Gtalk with invisible mood.
How to solve this login problem.
Actually i have visited few blog post and find no solution. I have found in gtalk forum that it is happening due to changing password or giving wrong user name.
Well guys this problem if can not be solved. Then do you give up chat in invisible mood? . No absolutely not. You can still do chat in gmail web version interface. In that case all the time when you want to chat you will need to login your gmail web then find at left hand corner has chat option. You can choose invisible option
here. But most of the user don't like to chat in logging in at gmail. So what can you do then if you really want to keep yourself in invisible or offline in so often, i have another alternative option.

Too long to login googletalk lab edition problem Solved

For doing that you have to install a third party chat client for making yourself invisible.
This software is called pidgin. Install pidgin after install add google talk as your chat client.
After that set your title invisible at the status bar. How to do it?
Click on status icon bar and then find New status click on new status after that you will find a dialogue box that you need save as selecting invisible write title as offline. click save&Use
See the picture below:

That's how still you can enjoy google talk as invisible without gtalk lab edition.
Thanks for reading.

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