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faridul islam

Wanna Download Large Files From Ubuntu Linux With IDM?

Everybody knows that IDM is the fastest download application for PC. I also believe that and i have no argue to say that internet download manager is the king for downloading any large files very fast. But if the running system is not windows then what?
There are plenty of linux users who are not using windows system, don't you think will gonna deprived of IDM? Okay if you have to download large video files or any iso image for your PC and then if you found that you are not using windows- i say don't give up hope at all. You Wanna Download Large Files From Ubuntu Linux With IDM? Yes you can install IDM and do that.

Wanna Download Large Files From Ubuntu Linux With IDM?

How you will make it possible ? Its not so tough though . As far as i know you can install wine in your linux system and via wine you are ready to go use windows program in linux. Wine is such tools that will create another fake drive inside your home drive on Ubuntu and it will allow to install windows application that is need to run with exe  In general it can be said wine is a helper to run program from linux by convert windows program in linux equivalent. If you wanna know more about wine hit here. Okay so now i think you are very serious to know about idm ? How to install idm under linux just go here and follow all this steps and enjoy download faster ever even in linux

Lets take a look of my download speed below:

Note: On that tutorial it seems that it was old version idm on Ubuntu running with virtual box but if you run linux Ubuntu as host system then the install process would be same too.

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