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faridul islam

Speed up Your browsing experience with text only Lynx browser

Hi guys whats up! ueah its too late to giving you a new post but actually i am busy with others stuff that decrease my blogging time. By the by today i am gonna introduce  a browser its not like Mozilla FireFox but its a browser that will be very helpful for blind readers and web developers who are willing to check their site articles density. Because this is a text only browser.

Speed up Your browsing experience with text only Lynx browser

There is no image will be displayed using this browser. Its pretty good for knowing how your website performing text placement and missing text as well. Oh i am sorry. forget to tell you about its name. its called lynx browser. It was at the first time only available for Linux system but now you can use it in windows version pc too. No need to know any special knowledge to use it. Your browsing speed also will be increase if you use this text only browser. You can straightaway install it in windows and browse without image. so lets start browsing with lynx browser now.
Download for windows for Linux

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