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faridul islam

Block Mozilla Firefox With Tiny Software In Windows xp, vista ,7

Few days ago i wrote about How To Lock or block Internet Explorer With password . You know sometime we like to keep our browser protected so that kids or others person unable to open webpage without permission.
It can be seen mostly in a PC where everybody share it and need to keep some privacy for browsing. In order to block or lock Mozilla Firefox we need to use just only one small tiny software.
By this software you can lock any installed program in your computer. The most advantage thing is to restrict any program, you don't need to hide or uninstall the program.

Block Mozilla Firefox With Tiny Software In Windows xp, vista ,7

Just apply the Windows Application Blocker software and Restart your computer.
Lets find out how the software works?
We here will block mozilla firefox
First of all,
  Download  the windows application blocker exe
Install it. Run as admin

After open you will see blank box with password box just click on OK.
Now change the password and exit
For example we set the password as "kishan" then the message will be shown as picture below:

Now open the software again

write down the application exe name at the application Executable name box: then
Click on block
The software which you like to block or lock. Here you need to type the application exe name.

You can find the application’s executable name with the following steps

Right-click on the application’s shortcut.
Select Properties.
The application’s executable name will be in Target text box.

Okay now apply the password and exit,

Restart PC
Now go to the firefox.exe it will never open.
To unblock it open windows application blocker and click on unblock firefox.exe type password and click unblock.
Now you can open again mozilla firefox to use it on your computer.
that's it. With this software you can block any exe program  like chrome.exe,idm,skype,google talk etc

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