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faridul islam

Should I learn programming language to become a seo?

 Guys, how are you  doing? I am very much enjoying now for giving you article in everyday basis. Last night one of my friend ask me should i learn programming language to become a seo professional? . What i told him, gonna explained here below:
You know search engine optimization, so you are called a seo professional. But if you know programming language as well as search engine optimization then you will be called web master or programmer. Yes that means to become a only seo expert you don't need to know programming language at all.

Should I learn programming language to become a seo?

Basic computer knowledge with html is enough for you to understand seo code and how to manipulate the seo code for best search engine optimization. When you have completed seo in a blog or website, after that most probably notify some changes in visitors list and page rank. In case of not changing of the websites as mentioned that means the website never done the properly seo which unable to showing the rank in google search engine at the first pages. Actually in online not only google but also yahoo bing ask etc this search engine also should place the site in first pages of search results display. How to know that i am become a seo expert? The best way to check yourself about seo proofing with your own site. If after doing seo you have found seo score is 90 plus and everyday search visitors is high according to the site content that means you have gained proper seo knowledge. So best practise of seo can be start from your own website or blog. But when you like to do seo in professional way, you must know good English and basic html code. You can do seo in many ways. First of all, you have to select some keywords by matching your website or blog. The task which need to do by seo are submit site to all search engine, Using seo friendly URL, Use of correct heading , submit site in web directory, Mass mailing process, Create backlink, Create high unique label content, Use of all attribute, Forum posting, Article submitting, Link wheel by social sites share, create description tag, meta tag, xml site map, article submission to directory etc are the seo task that you can do without knowing so much programming language at all.

So guys , from now i hope you are very clear about seo terms and how to become a seo expert from scratch. You can read seo related ebook and consult with expert seo from local or globally. what is the best way to become a seo expert is doing seo of your own blog.

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