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faridul islam

How to disable usb port in windows without regedit?

How to disable usb port in windows without regedit? Long time ago i wrote post about this topic. It was described about disable usb port but using regedit. You know guys doing regedit is bit risky. If something goes wrong you have to install the windows again.
So to avoid such kind of risk today i am gonna tell you how to disable usb port in windows xp or seven without regedit. Lets follow the instruction below

How to disable usb port in windows without regedit?

First of all Go To  my computer and click  manage , Then click on device manager  As picture shown below………

Now at below right hand side double  click on  universal serial bus controllers  as follows …………………

Now you can see 5 column as usb root hub ।  See below……………………

Now You need to click right button in every column then choose disable. If a window appear click yes.
Now click disable all of the 5 column .  May be PC will restart . There is no problem. Now try insert any usb or pendrive you can see that your usb port is not working. 
Now if you want to enable again. Just follow the same process only select Enable instead of disable.
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