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faridul islam

How To Remove Kaspersky antivirus Completely From Computer

How To Remove Kaspersky antivirus Completely From Computer
There is no doubt to say Kaspersky is the best antivirus for pc.
If you want to use it as free and it will finished its trail version in every months. So each month you have to remove it for reuse it again. On this concern normal add remove program is unable to uninstall it completely. So what is the best method to remove Kaspersky completely from pc? The best method is using kavremover.exe

How To Remove Kaspersky antivirus Completely From Computer

This tiny software from kaspersky lab will do the all task for you. Just run this software and follow the capt ha code and uninstall. while you will use this tiny software it will ask you to enter the captha code for verification purpose. The rest of the task is very simple , just click next, next only. I hope after using kav remover exe you will be get rid of this antivirus very easily. Thanks for reading.
for more information please visit this page below:
Kaspersky lab

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