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faridul islam

How To Use #Tag On Facebook?

Guys, Facebook has introduce #tag recently, it will enhance our facebook user to spread the conversation more flexible way and it will ease the option to follow any topics. Now lets find out what is facebook #Tag?

How To Use Facebook #Tag On Facebook?

How To Use #Tag On Facebook?

Facebook hash tag is a sign to follow as link. That means when a facebook users will use hash tag on his or her post it will create a clickable link to follow the post from others . So when you like to spread any post or topics to all just use a hash tag after the post by any names. For example I walked up so many hills today! #SanFrancisco). I hope you guys can use now facebook hash tag more , This #tag are using by others socail media like Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram To know how to use faceebook hash tag go to here:

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