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Best 10 Korean Sad Romantic Movies Ever With Download Link

Even though i am not pretty good fan of Korean Romantic movies but for so so long time i was insisting by my some friends that i should watch some great sad Korean movies. For that reason i google about sad Korean movies and finally i have found this 10 best list of sad Korean movies. I was thrilled to watch all these movies and tragedy scene surely made your soul empty.
I humbly request you if you are looking for best Korean sad romantic movies then this page is for you. Don't forget to share this page with your friends. Enjoy best sad Korean movies ever!

Best 10 Korean Sad Romantic Movies Ever With Download Link

  • 1.The Classic A must watch movies. Fantastic Korean love story. Its feel like  dreaming while watching this movies. Some of the scene are set something like it will take us in that state of being intoxicated or mental obssession. A real pure romantic Drama movie. A boy and A girls love story. At the begging it seems the movie is very hard but gradually you will gonna  fall in love with this movie. Watch this movie very carefully. If you lost the concentration you could not able to catch the main theme of this movie. Its a really a fantastic movie and it will bring down sadness to you.  stagevu link  
  • 2.A Millionaire's First Love Another great romantic movie. The movie start with the show of a rich fathers son's aggressive scene. Death father's some condition bring him to stay at village. At the village he met a girl. Then the boy understand about life. The money is very less valuable for the  love, he is starting to realizing it. When the girl fall in deep trouble, he stands beside her for the sake of love. It will surely made your mind cry after the next scene. What next just watch another Korean sad movie. Mediafire link: part 1 part 2 part 3  
  • 3.Daisy May be you have seen this movie 2/3 times already. Its very common movie. The person who still never watch this move try to watch it now. A tremendous shocking love story movie. A gangsters love story. There are some fantastic scenery in this movie. I enjoyed it very much. It will cry you at the last stage of this movie. There is none who will not cry to see the ending session of this movie. I become a fan of this movies actor and his nice laugh. This actor and below sad movie , A Moment to Remember is same Hero's film. stagevu link: part 1 part 2  
  • 4.Sad Movie To watch this movie you have to keep your mind strong. Because the movie has been made with one story but in this movie you will see four story. Four story with love and sadness involving of this movie very nicely. It will make you cry again. Specially at the scene of the rain while the kids crying to watching it, everybody will fall in sadness. Excellent feelings. I enjoyed so much. Mediafire link: part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4
  •   5.A Moment to Remember May be 4/5 time everybody watch ready this great movie. another common great piece. If you like to watch a complete love story movies then this film will stand at number one stage forever. A peevish architecture acquaintance with a girl. After the introduction they marriage together . They start the new life with so many dreams. But after few days later of marriage,  a furious  real truth come to them. A loving partner never been forget and love never ends you can learn how the strong love it is.  The girl fall in serious brain Alzheimer’s Disease. I am sure it will break your heart. Must watch movie Mediafire Password: part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 
  •  6.Windstruck I have nothing to say. Its very rare to see such kind of beautiful romantic movie. The Korean generation has taken romantic movies in a very high stage. this movies heroin is a police officer and hero is fool school teacher. By incident they met each other. After that not only these two meet but also dangerous gangster mixed with them. And then begin so many incidents. So many nice scene. You will love this great piece of work. stagevu link  
  • 7.Lovers Concerto The boy loves the girl at first sight. Gradually the girl also become very closed to her friends. But some mistake separate them. After few years later the boy come to search the girl. but at this time some evil truth reveal to this boy. I love this movie very much. There are a lot of scene which will brings your mind down. stagevu link 
  •  8.Failan This is a movie. Such kind of unique idea how come Korean people can implement on their movie? I never believe. A complete romantic movie. But i bet this kind of movie you never see before. A normal girl and a Gangsters love story. You will go in sad mood while watching the scene of the boy reading a letter at the bank of the sea. Fantastic movie. Must watch. stagevu link  
  • 9.Christmas in August Christmas  in August another fantastic romantic drama movie. The heroin is a traffic officer and the hero is a photographer.  They met and fallen in love. The boy is very simple and middle class family. The face is always cheerful. You will be sad watching the boy very simple and naive minded. You will become unhappy for this simple boy. You must watch the rest . Direct Download This print is very good the link is given below: stagevu link  
  • 10.More than Blue If you are looking for pure romantic movie then this great piece for you. The boy and girl are very good friends. But the boy don't have so much time. He is suffering from cancer. So that's why the boy keep the secret of his love to the girl and his Disease. He never wants to give pain to the girl. So for this girl , he together with the girl finds a  good person. And finally find that person for the girl. The boy alwys act very happy mood but in fact he is suffering from so much sorrow. At the last stage, the days come for marriage of the girl. I was socked by watching this movie. Rest of the story you see yourself. Mediafire links: Part 1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5Part 6 Part7 


All the movies are great. Nothing to miss, i have given direct download link. If any of the link is not working or broken comment me. On the other hand you can watch all these movies on Just go on and search by the movie name. Hopefully you will get the respective movie. I hope this post has given you some kinds of taste of watching Korean movies and their life style with Korean culture. So enjoy and let me know your feelings too.

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