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faridul islam

Convert Ebook to Audio Mp3 | No Need to Reading Ebook

Convert Ebook to Audio Mp3 | No Need to Reading Ebook

You are very lazy to reading very big Ebook . You are looking for something alternative way of reading a ebook or you have the problems of reading a ebook what ever it is there is always a way to overcome on that.
You know electronics gadget now a days have been developed so well and everybody like to get Ebook reader or ipad touch. In recent time i had read a lot of ebook on my ipad and pc but it effects my eyes that while reading i was feeling tired and boring. So as all thing is happened to me i was looking for alternative way to listen my ebook and thus i searched for how to convert Ebook to an audio book ? Luckily i have found a nice software to convert a ebook into Audio mp3 file . This is called TextAloud. This is a small utility that can convert any text into audio mp3 file.  Now i can listen my audio ebook as mp3 and can perform any work while listening mp3. It gives me nice relief for reading from my pc and i feel happy to listen my favourite ebook. Unfortunately this small utility is not free . You have to purchase it to get full benefit, here i have given the link: Download :TextAloud Version:3.0

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