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faridul islam

Don't you have portable dictionary?

Don't you have portable dictionary. Dictionary is very essential in our life. specially for growing up the English language vocabulary, dictionary is must. But if you have portable dictionary then it is more easy for you to use and carry for learning new words. This post will give you the link to download portable oxford dictionary.

Don't you have portable dictionary?

There are a lot of dictionary in online but this concise portable oxford dictionary will give you most of the features with portable facilities , the best thing is you can use it without any installation. Just run the application from any PC without effecting the host system. Best for those who are students. Here is the given below more key features: - Key Features: Covers current English from around the world, plus rare, historical, and archaic terms, as well as scientific and technical vocabulary. - Thousands of brand new words and senses from Oxford's unrivalled new words research. - Full text and advanced search features. - Detailed appendices providing useful information on topics such as Prime Ministers and Presidents, the Solar System, and Chemical Elements. - A 'Guide to Good English' plus hundreds of extra notes offering advice on grammar, punctuation, spelling and word usage. - Interactive word games providing hours of learning and fun.   Download: (Size: 2,15 MB)

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