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faridul islam

Download Torrent file As speed As Idm


If we like to download something, we try it from http server using IDM because in Bangladesh torrent file download is very slow. But what if the torrent file is download like IDM?
Note : please check my another post
How to download torrent files using idm?
Today i am going to show you

How to download torrent file as idm speed?

First of all Download and install tixati from this link. Now copy a torrent file link, a magnet url link then put it into add then you will see the file is downloading. Now you have to do some adjustment for downloading the file faster. Click on the file select Bandwidth>priority group> ultra high
If you like to get speed like IDM then click on file tab then choose priority > Ultra High
Now you can see the file is downloading with IDM speed. Benefit of using Torrent download: 1.Unlimited resume 2.New release movies can be download 3.No possibility of file missing 4.The file speed will be increase if it is share more 5.crack, keygen etc are attached with the file. Disabilities: 1.Downloading time browse speed decrease 2.If the file is not share many then speed become low Thanks for reading.

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faridul  islam

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