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faridul islam

Facebook Has Started Two Factor (Authentication) Advantage

Hello Everyone,How is going on? Hope all are well by the grace of Almighty. By the way, today I am going to give you a nice information about facebbok authentication.
From this post you can learn more about facebook and make sure your most privacy in the lets go and see the magic.

Facebook Has Started Two Factor (Authentication) Advantage

We know,most popular search engine Google has already started authentication service. After Google,Facebook also started this advantageous service. From this special facility,when you will going to log in facebbok,beside this you can finish it to get a password in your cell phone to use the authentication service. That's why you can keep your facebook account safe from Hacking. To start authentication, at first you have to log in facebook. Then go- Account>account settings>settings>account security……then you will check out ‘Require me to enter a security code sent to my phone’’ of Log in Approvals. Now click Next button,and then click again Next with Mobile code. Now click in save.Mobile connection is must need to doing this. After this,when you will log in to facebook from any device(computer),you will get a sms code in your mobile phone. To finish your log in,you have to use the code. Otherwise, you cant log in facebook.

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