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faridul islam

How to backup a blogger blog for future use?

 Hi guys its not very good idea not keeping a back up option for your blogger blog. You know guys most of the online blogger users are blogging in two platform. One is and another is both option here are free to use but for making some bucks most of the people prefer
I am not saying that if you do blogging in wordpress you can not earn money. You can earn money in wordpress platform too. But in that case you have to buy your own hosting and you have to move in While you are using free hosting in you can not apply for google AdSense but when you have chosen your hosting in paid company then you have the option to use ads on it. So the person who want to earn cash but without spending any hosting cost are mostly blogging in because here you have the option to apply google ads. So therefore most of the people are choosing In that sense you may be pretty happy for blogging in for free hosting. But for this reason you have no control your blogging post or article. In any time you may lost it. If google company stopped to give you free hosting. So if you have quite good number of blog post then you must know how to prevent your data lost? To keep your blogger post safely  you have to store it in your hard drive for future use.

How to backup a blogger blog for future use?

Lets take a look how many ways you can backup your blogger blog post for future use? You can back up your blogger blog from blogger dashboard section. Or you can use third party software for download full website. So lets backup from your own account. Go to settings choose export blog then download full blog to your computer. In this case you can download only blog post in xml format.
 To download the template you have to go to the edit html and choose download full template. Now lets backup your blog by using Website copier. Just install Httrack website copier. And at the project menu give the blog name which one you like to backup. Select full website. Check mark disconnect or shutdown when download complete. So guys you must have back up your blogger blog. You are not sure which date you are gonna loss it but if you have regular backup then you can survive on blogging. Otherwise if you stumble in doing backup, may be you need to restart from the begging. Don't take such kinds of risk. Do regular backup and play safe.

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