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faridul islam

How to Deactivate Facebook Timeline most Easy Way

Most of the people now are looking for get rid of facebook timeline. i personally are not using timeline. Yesterday i received a message in my email inbox one of my friends ask me how to get rid of timeline. Actually since timeline was beta mood anyone can remove or activate it. But currently facebook made timeline permanent.

How to Deactivate Facebook Timeline most Easy Way

So at this moment if you have timeline apps in your profile unfortunately you can not deactivate it. But if you really doesn't like timeline then i Can tell you one method Which will require to delete your account. Now if you wanna take that risk just delete your facebook account then open again. now lets say you have a lot of friends  in facebook info photo and if you permanently delete your account. so in this case you can backup all your facebook information even your friends list. for doing facebook backup check this post. now after successfully backup you are ready to delete your account. how to delete facebook account ? go to this link then delete facebook forever. after that you can create a new account with the same user name or email id. when you will made a new facebook just import all your info here. that's all.

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