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faridul islam

How to Download Utorrent Video 10 time faster

Hi guys in online nothing is impossible. Do you like to know why? Because most slow download client in online utorrent now can be more faster than IDM. Why i have said like that? Don't worry guys if you are most utorrent lover and like to get all video to download faster then you have come to the right place.
I am gonna show you

How to Download Utorrent Video 10 time faster

Just open a utorrent client and then Go to options click on preference tab  then follow this settings below: First of click on Connection Make random port 45682 Enable upnp port mapping Enable Nat-pnp port mapping add windows firewall Exception Now click on Bandwidth:  Should be checked : Maximize upload rate -10 Global maximize number of connection 2329 Maximise number of connected peers per torrent 1890 Number of upload slot per torrent 14 Use <90% checked also Now go to Bittorrent: all should be cheeked here except Limit local peer bandwidth Outgoing should be Enabled Now click on Queering: First two column should be 60 and 63 Now go to advanced Tab: bt.allow_sameip = true dht rate = 2 rss update =20 Now click apply and OK. You can see that utorrent download increase 10 time faster than IDM Checked out this video for more clear:

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