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faridul islam

How To Export The Facebook Friends Email Address To Hard Drive


Hi I am not a hacker but I have got a lot of request from my facebook friends, they want to know the facebook users email Address. Its a very confidential to say that you have no right to know the email id of a facebook users without permission. So i was in confusing stage to write about it.
At last i have taken a decision that its up to you that how you will judge this article but i am writing only for information purpose. If you want to know of your facebook users email id you have to make sure that the person is known to you and you have made friend already. You can not know all kinds of facebook users email address except the person who are in your friend list. So i hope you have understand this. Now let me tell you what to do  to export  facebook email id?

How To Export The Facebook Friends Email Address To Hard Drive

1.Yahoo mail 2.Go to this Link 3.sign in using Yahoo Lets say you have yahoo mail . Now after going to you have to choose facebook as your import contact list sites to get all contact list from it.
A confirmation message will appear such as : do you like to share all Contacts ? Click on Okay. Now you will see retrieving all your facebook email address to yahoo. Click on view all contacts . Now go to tools > Export
Choose yahoo.csv format Save all the contact on your hard drive. You are done. Now I have given another bonus tip to you. You can import all your contact list to you gmail contact list section if you have gmail. How to do it ? Go to gmail contacts. click on  more button then  import contact. select your yahoo.csv file which you have download just now from yahoo for upload.
you are done.

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