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faridul islam

How to send Executable File Via Gmail 100% working


Hi guys, How are you ? I hope well. Okay friends last night i had faced a problem about sending a exe file via Gmail. The more i was trying to attached the the more the Gmail security alert was showing this is a executable file for security purpose this file can not be attached.
So that means every time Gmail scan the attached file while scanning it found that this is a executable file it said , sorry we are not supposed to add this file as an attachment. What  i did that time? The file what i need to send my brothers was a 7 zip software. Its a very small file. Then guys you think i never send this file? No i send this exe file via Gmail and its working 100% . Okay guys now i am  showing

How to send Executable File Via Gmail 100% working

To do this you have to convert the exe file to a rar file. So you will need a winrar software.  First of all what you need to do is Download this software. If you have already then Skip it. This is a winrar software. Which is required to create a rar file. Now after download install this file. You have to convert the exe file to a rar file. So you need to open win rar and then create a rar file.

How to create a rar file?

Its a very easy to create a rar file. For better way keep the exe file in desktop and then  Select the file which you want to make rar file. Go to add and then select file , Then for security purpose click on advanced then choose password. After that click ok. You have successfully create a rar file. Now while sending email choose this rar file as an attachment. Now this time Gmail will never scan the file and you can successfully send the file. Enjoy.

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faridul  islam

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