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faridul islam

Is it possible to Share Internet connection from laptop to android mobile?

I have Internet connection in my laptop. But i don't have any Internet connection in my personal mobile phone. So when i am outside i use wifi for using Internet in my mobile. There is no wifi hotspot in my home. I was thinking is it possible for me to share Internet connection to my android phone from my laptop.

Is it possible to Share Internet connection from laptop to android mobile?

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 I am using Samsung Galaxy ace mobile. I have searched online and i become very happy to find out that yes it can be possible to use complete Internet facility to my mobile phone via my laptop. To do this i must have rooted android phone. You know it was quite unknown to me. I have done a lot of search to make my phone rooted without harming my mobile. At last i have got solution's. Now i have rooted my android phone. You can check this at How to root android mobile without any hazard. So at last I have got my laptop internet connection into my mobile. Do you know what is the benefit of it? The benefit is i can use fring in my mobile for talking freely with my friends. More over i can browse market and can directly installed any android apps that i need to. Well there are many more facility like doing home work i can voice chat with my friends. So it has given me a lot of easement even i have internet connection in my own notebook. Okay guys you may now very curious to know how to get internet into your mobile from your own desktop pc or laptop? Check it out from here and try it on your android phone. Here you must note that you must have a wifi enabled android phone and wifi enabled pc. So guys thanks for reading and enjoy internet in both device in same time.

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