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faridul islam

Play all video from youtube one by one

 Hi guys youtube video is definitely a free watch clips on online. And you know guys youtube video while start it will stop after playing one time. Then if you want to reply you have to press reply again for playing the video one more time.

Play all video from youtube one by one.

What if you play all video on youtube by just clicking one time only? If we can watch youtube video after one by one then we no need to click again for playing the video. So it will give us enjoy for watching all video clips without any hazard. Okay guys to make this thing happen to your online browser you have to install a add ons. That is called play all video on youtube. This is a add ons for mozilla firefox. Just download it and install. After install restart firefox. So from now using this add ons you can watch youtube video continuously. It will help you to play all video which you will choose for play. To get better playing make sure you are using high speed internet connection. For slow internet all video will buffering so long time and you will not get any benefit from this add ons. So guys from now enjoy all kinds of youtube video by loop or serial. You have to watch this clips directly and therefore for slow net user will not get any benefit at all. Here is the download link is given below: Play all youtube video On online directly firefox browser.  So guys lets check it out How to use Youtube play all Add ons on Youtube home page? first of all you have to install this add ons. Okay i hope you have installed it properly. To install it on Firefox 3.6 Download Firefox 3.6 . If you don't have firefox 3.6 just download it and install it too. Now go to youtube page after searching video you will find video list at right hand side bar. click one of the first video play list. as picture shown below:
Select Youtube play all Now you can see the play list as picture below:
Select all for play After that all video will be played one by one continuously. That's all.
You have to use older version of Mozilla firefox for installing this add ons

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