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faridul islam

Why do you blog at blogger?

Do you know now a days many Internet user choose blogging but for the first time in blogging they can not decide which platform would be best for them to begin with. well in this concern i wrote a post already on today's post i am gonna clear you why actually blogger can be best to start with

Why do you blog at blogger?

okay. in blogging what you can expect readers and huge traffic with search engine ranking for all this stuff blogger is the best choice. on the other hand for monetize your blog blogger can be very useful than wordpress. In free wordpress blogging you can not use AdSense program by google. But in blogger for money making you can use google AdSense pretty easily. thus you can make your blog a money making source. This thing only possible for blogger platform if you choose free,in wordpress it is not possible. In wordpress you can use meta description but blogger can not. This is the only one demerit of blogger. But in other ways you can choose blogger for easy method of post update and share all the post in social media easily. To use AdSense also very easy. you don't nerd to know all the hard coding at all. blogger will guide you how to use AdSense code for your blog. For blogger AdSense is the huge benefit, and for this option you can use blogger. For the beginning of your blog you will get quick search engine visibility than others blog. Google always help blogger who are newly blogging in blogger. So why late start blogging at blogger now. And make your life change in blogging. Thanks for reading

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