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faridul islam

How To Get Back Old Facebook ?

Facebook if i am not wrong at present has changed its outlook. You can find a huge change in present facebook interfaces. At the right corner of the home pages there is a new one more column has added which is displaying various video and picture ads.
For this changes you might feel very disturbing too. You know the old facebook home styles was not as same as it is showing now. But the fact is now is it possible to get old facebook Back?
I think most of the facebook users are now fed up with these disturbing ads. You want to get rid of it . Even though facebook has no plan to show off their ads you can use third party plug ins to block all kinds of facebook ads.

How To Get Back Old Facebook ?

That solution is not a good solving at all. Because when you want to block facebook ads you have to disable the ads showing or image that can be boring to you. You will not see any image at all. So what is the best way to get back old facebook  interface in your facebook home pages?

Facebook Classic is giving you such kind of solution to you that will brings old facebook to you. Whats that? Facebook Classics is a Google Chrome plugins which will enable you to use facebook in Old fashion. So the person who are not interested in present facebook can go back to old facebook style using Facebook Classic in Google Chrome browser.

According To its official Site It Says:
A very simple extension to hide the Ticker and restore Newsfeed to showing latest stories first - and remind you about NSA snooping
A simple extension that restores the Newsfeed as a chronological collection of posts. It also hides the triangular blue corner tabs that appear in each story. The News Ticker panel is now hidden - it used to be visible in the Chat window and the normal view. 

You can toggle the Ticker on or off with a new link near "Create an Event" on the right side of the Newsfeed.

If you have any other experience to use facebook in old interfaces please share with us. So that our reader can get benefit from it. I hope you will try facebook classic today in your google chrome browser. Hope this article will help you to resolve the facebook interfaces problem.

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