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faridul islam

How do you earn money by only Blogging ?

It has been more than seven years I am doing blogging in I m blogging for fun. I am blogging for entertainment. I am blogging for past times. I am blogging for helping people who are searching in online using for  internet issues. I am blogging for update my technology knowledge. 

Now one thing I like to mention here which I didn't tell you above I am blogging for earning money too.
Yes you can do earning too, you can do blogging for earning money using some special services which is very available in online. One of the most popular service in online business is Google adsense. Since 2010 I am using it and so far I am not earning bad. You will be surprised to know that I am doing online income by blogging absolutely zero Cost from this only blog
This is blogger platform blog and I have been using best free number one free hosting service from Google. I have been using blogger hosting free. This free hosting opportunities gave me earning money only by doing blogging.
So you can earn money too from blogger platform .
But you have to follow some tricks like I did in blogging in this blog.
What is that ?
You have to buy custom domain with popular TLDS in online.
Then you have to move your blogspot blog to this custom domain. How I did this is explained here.
I have nothing to hide to you. After I have done that then I started to building my blog content with high quality seo.
I mean I did my blog post with following accurate seo which lead traffic to my blog.
But it was before 2014. After 2014 Google has changed the seo technique,  thier search engine algarithom. And suddenly I found my blogger visitors has decreased a lot and I lost my revenue.
How do I earn from Google adsense ?
Well, frankly speaking now a days it's not so easy to earn cash from Google adsense unless you have very high quality content in your blog with huge traffic.
I forgot to tell you about Google adsense service .
Adsense works with EPC (earnings per click) and CPC (cost per click). Publishers will get paid for clicks on ads appearing in their websites.Currently (Feb 2015), Adsense publishers receive 68% of the click cost and Google 32%. This means that if an advertiser pays $1 for each click on his ads, the adsense publisher will get $0.68 and Google $0.32
Google advertising system name is called Google adsense. They are doing this business for long time. They are giving ads from various products or companies in websites or blog for the benefits of the particular company or product owner . In return they are taking charge from that . So Google using AdWords for publishing ads on online. The person who get paid for cost per click is Google adsense publishers and the person who gave this ads is called Google AdWords .
They only finds the ads idea and Google paid them for showing ads.
This is a service that Google company is giving taking full benefits of ads without losses any money. Because Google himself doesn't pay to the adsense publishers for cost per click but the ads company . This ads company pay to adsense users like us and Google distrebuted this amount taking some charges.
Thus Google advertising company adsense program works and it's a very profitable business for Google.
So I hope you got clear idea about Google advertising program adsense.
So now you may  want to get this service to your blog for earning money .
You can apply for Google adsense absolutely free.
But you have to have high quality content and huge traffic on your blog or websites.
Now you can ask me How do I make such blog which is easily suitable for adsense and I don't have to work hard for that ?
This is another story. You have to work a lot for that in your blog. I will surely published that point in my next article.
But one thing is very clear to you now that you can earn money with zero cash or Zero investment in online  by participating Google advertising program.
Some of my friends started it and they are earning not so bad .
I hope you too will take this opportunity to save some money for your extra expense in daily life.

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