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Do you want to Increase your C drive space?

hello, everybody. How are you all? I hope you all are well. Do you want to Increase your C drive space? Today, I want to share you some procedure for getting more than previous space of your computer in C Drive. So lets see what you have to need know for getting more space in C Drive?
 sometimes, It is seen that you can't install any program for there have not much remaining more space in C Drive. Then, You fall in many problems for there getting not more space in C Drive. So i have came here with a view to helping you for increase more space in C Drive. I will try to write it in a nutshell-

1. Firstly, check your ''DOWNLOAD'' folder of your computer. Because, when we download something, that time we keep these file in DOWNLOAD folder. But this folder is remain in C Drive. So, you need to move it to another Drives. Because if there remains too much file, You will face in many problem with your PC for this reason.

2. As much as you can, Keep few file in ''DOCUMENT'' folder.

3. Go to run option of your computer By pressing WINDOWS key + R. Type this ''Temp" and hit the ENTER button. A folder will be appeared, where you will see many file has. Select these all files and delete them. 

4. Go to run and type ''%temp%'' and hit the ENTER button. Another folder will be coming there. you will see there many files. you just select all and delete them. some files will not be deleted, you can skip them. These are many redundant file and if you delete them it will not make any problem in your Computer. 

5. Go to run again and type this ''prefetch'' and hit the ENTER button. It will want the permission of administrator, You should click CONTINUE. Don't take tension. These are also redundant files. you just select all and delete them.

6. Again go to run and type ''RECENT'' hit the ENTER button. Delete all files of this folder.
7. And the last part is, Go to your Desktop home and Empty your RECYLE BIN.

These are Essential for your PC and it will work spontaneously. In every weeks you have to do disk CLEANUP of  your C Drive to increase more space. By right clicking on C Drive you will see propertise of its and just Do DISK fragment, Because it will help you for your hard disk BAD sectors.

Thank you for reading this article. I think, This small article will be helpful to you.

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