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Facebook – way of sending group message to all friends?

To give message all of your face book friends firstly you should go to friends and click  create list Then click create a list …………Give a name at ENTER NAME BOX THEN SELECT all of  your friends name then click create list …….. Go to message as shown below then click new message…Write message and […]

How to block any user from facebook?

This is very much popular now a days having social media websites for meeting with friends like as facebook, twitter, myspace etc.This kind of social media sites like face book has a lot of fan ,friends user.I also like to feel having a face book account and yes sure must having a lot of friends.But […]

Start Adding Friends on Facebook

Hi guys do you know how to add friends in face book very first? its very easy just follow this few option and you can also add a lot of face book friends within a minutes. lets start adding friends in face book here we go as picture shown below step 1.log in your face […]

How to Use Facebook Chat in Firefox Sidebar

Today I am going to talk about a very small tips ,How to use face book chat on Firefox side bar. Its pretty cool to use face book chat .I was looking for this shortcut tips to use face book chat option even without log in to face book After searching I ve got the […]

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