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7 Best Free parental Control Software That You Must Know

Internet is not Free From abusive and bad contents.Its never safe for your kids if you never make sure safety of your own pc, laptop, PDA or mobile what ever you use.So its generally becomes a threats to us if we never look after our kids what are they doing on Internet.To manage and monitor […]

Bijoy Bangla typing software Free Download

┬áHi guys I am very busy right now with my work.You may know that I am currently staying in Singapore.I have got a email last night from my Bangladeshi Friends that he is using windows xp but he can not write bangla in his pc. so I gave him a reply that how he […]

Do you Tracking your visitor everyday

I use tracemy ip .org.For tracking my websites.Its pretty much simple and very easy to use.Why i like this sites to have in my webpage?You may have seen  in my home page below tracemy ip  icon . Yes i install it to track how many visitor visit in my sites daily and from which place […]

Top 5 Free Antivirus That You Must know

If you want to use Most useful free antivirus than You must read this post.  Tell me how you  confirmed that your PC affected with virus?To run (TM) Task Manager?Yes If after Press (CTRL+Delete) together and task manager never run,You may have to think about PC that  affected with some fever!! Lol..Yes from that time […]

Check Facebook From Gmail

Hi guys,I hope everything is  all right.Today I am back again with Facebook tip.This is very useful tip for those who like to check Gmail all the time.You know Facebook is most popular now.But another Most popular online based Gmail service has given a facilities to check Facebook and twitter Account.Its a pretty good opportunity […]

How to take websites screen shot in jpg?

Desktop picture You can capture any web page Screen shot in jpg/gif format using a small software.I am using this software.So,  To take picture of any webpage, you have to install webshot.Try it size:<1.0mbdownload link: click here to download WebShot You can visit also Take a pc screen shot!! if you like this post you […]

Take your computer’s Desktop screen shot very easily

Take a screen shot of your computer from Desktop or any other place of your PC.Yes you can take your computer’s Desktop screen shot.How  it is possible? If you want to do that you have to install a software.this software name is Auto Screen Recorder.This is a user friendly software.You can use very easily.But may […]

Update twitter status now more easily in Mozilla Firefox

There are so many status update option have for twitter in Internet .But there is a fine add ons has in FireFox for update status in twitter.This add ons name is Echofon.If you install this add ons you can update your status from FireFox with just one single click .You no need to open twitter […]

Run Internet Explorer in Mozilla firefox

Internet Explorer some time is very useful for viewing some web page .In that occasion you may need to use IE.But I must say please use Mozilla Firefox as your default browser.So that’s why Today I am gonna show you how to use Internet explorer in Mozilla FireFox? To run IE you need to install […]

Top 3 Browser:Mozilla Firefox,Google chrome or opera ?

If you are a crazy online browser then you must know which is the best browser in Internet.there are 3 top browser in Internet -Mozilla FireFox,google chrome,or opera.without IE you may think why this browser is not included in this top 3 ?yes if you continue using IE i think one day you could see […]

Control your pc using Mobile Phone

May be most of them know how to control pc using mobile phone.I also control my own pc using mobile.But TelexyNetworks’s SYMRDP program has introduce Remote Desktop in a new way to the mobile phone users. If you are using symbian OS version 5 in mobile so you can use your pc or your office […]

How to write unique content for blog ?

Hi guys, I hope all of you continuously reading my blog. Recently while browsing I have found something for searching how to write unique content for blog?You may know, now blogging is very popular and if you are a blogger, you must be  aware of it that how much tough to write an unique content […]

How To Search Smartly on Google ?Google Search Tips

Internet is related with Search.Mostly people like to go on online for search something.But Do you know how to search smartly or most effectively?There are so many search engine in Internet but which is the best search engine to you?There is no doubt to say that Google is the best search engine in Internet.But a […]

Multiple Chat In One Application Using Pidgin Software

Pidgin (Formerly named Gaim)SoftwareIn Internet most of the user spend most of the time doing chat with friends or others.What if we can chat with more than one id in one application?For chat in Internet we use a lot of software .But how it would be if one software support yahoo, Google talk, msn etc […]

3 Great blog service Feed Email subscription comment

You may observe, from various kinds of websites specially blog sites have Some service Feed Email subscription, comment section. These 3 service are very common.If you don’t trace this,b please check carefully. Did you get it?I hope you have got feed email subscription,comment section.if you don’t, no problem. But the point is -what is […]

Tip:Edit any web page very Easily

Today I am gonna share a funny tricks to you.This is not any helpful tricks.But this tricks is very funny.You can edit any web page if you want.That means any web pages writing,picture etc content can be change very easily. Edit or customization steps: 1.Open any web page.(for example this code below and paste […]

How to use Internet Most Effectively

Hi Guys, This post will help you to understand – What is Internet? Why should we use Internet ? How should we use Internet? How to Earn Money using Internet? What is Internet Well, we everybody know about Internet.There is none who don’t heard about this system.According to free encyclopedia Internet is.. “The Internet is […]

Reply E mail from Gmail Automatically

While spending vacation  if any mail is being received, automatically you can answer the mail using Vacation Responder.Every Email provider has this facilities.But If you need to give reply to a different person and differently so then You can Use Gmail.Only Gmail has this facilities to give reply automatic to differently.Gmail has add the system […]

How to view any password of a website

Hi guys, Today I’m gonna show you how to find the passwords of anyone who uses your pc.That is on Mozilla Firefox.Please only use this browser if you need to.okay.First step:Open Mozilla FirefoxNext, go to tools- OptionsAll right .now go to security taband now just hit the “show passwords“button twice.And there you have it. Author:faridul […]

How to hide Hard disk Drive for privacy?

May be you know how to hide a file or folder but do you know how to hide a hard disk drive? Do you ever hide a hard disk drive?There are so many reasons have for hiding Hard disk drive.Lets say, You have such kind of documents on your hard disk which you don’t want […]

80+ Photoshop Keybord Shortcuts for You

There is none who never use photoshop right! I think all of you have used photoshop.To edit a photo this software is best.There are a lot of photshopexperts who are earning money by outsourcing using photoshop.okay i am not a professional photoshop experts.For us who are not experts know very well how tough it is […]

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