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How to Lock a pendrive or memory card with Password?

Now a days we need to protect valuable data for security reason. So today to protect private file or folder from usb pen drive or memory card I am gonna introduce you a usb secure (portable security for usb drives) software. Its a excellent software which you can use to protect any pen drive or […]

Mac user get triple boot with easy virtualisation

You know that apple computers are able to run the windows operating system (OS) using either the mac OS x’s boot camp utility or via virtualisation software? The latest parallels desktop  pd 6 is another  easy solution for it. while you need to restart your computer to boot up windows, performance with boot camp is […]

A complete solutions for touch screen tablet pc

Its really a stunning move for the touch screen technology. We have a lot of touch screen devices now a days. But most of them are mobile devices  now its time for being changed with another new device ya its really a stunning i am gonna talk about tablet PC  which is launched in Singapore […]

Great smart phone applications You must know

Smart phones are the key for your digital life’s when you have it then you are on the high stage in digital life’s arena. Smart phones are the phones where you can get multifunctional facilities – Yes we all know how multifunctional smart phones are? So do you know the task of smart phones well? […]

How to Know My Pc Has a Virus ?

Hi guys, How is going on now a day? I hope all are fine. May be sometime we cant be fine if our PC never behave with us correctly. why such kind of thing can be happened? Yes you are absolutely right if our PC got virus then it never show us its well nature. […]

How to disable or Enable USB port in windows 7

Hi guys, In my last post i wrote how to control storage device? I wrote for windows xp but if you don’t have windows xp? or currently most of the user are going to change OS.  They are most of them now using new OS windows 7. So if we want to disable pen drive […]

How to restore missing USBscan.sys in Windows XP?

Recently, I was trying to install drivers for my new digital camera, but I had a few problems. In Windows XP 2 .The installer requested the Windows XP SP 2 CD because a driver file, was missing .The installer requested the XP SP 2 CD repeatedly that I had to do something, else the installation […]

Control Your Usb Drive For Safety

USB DEVICE There are none who don’t like to be worried about computer safety. So we must think about it. Today i am talking about storage device which you can control yourself. How to control Usb drive for your safety? This thing i am gonna explain here. You know in our house there are a […]

30 Best Portable applications Details

The most useful thing of portable applications are you do not need to install them just double click and start using.So I mean if you want to avoid hassle of installing and like to carry your most important applications where ever you go – I recommend you to use portable applications. Its require no installations, […]

How to know how long I use my computer?

Hi guys, its very nice for me to share you this tip this is about your computer log in time and how long you have used your pc ? You can know this information if you carefully follow this tip. I hope from now you can estimate about your computer use time from log in […]

Make a free phone call from Internet

We everybody knows that we can send free sms from Internet. As like it you can make a free call in any mobile or phone in the world. To get this free phone call facilities you have to Registered from If you do registered here – you will get a account activation mail to […]

Capture Unlimited music From Live Streaming Radio

Are you online music lover?  For few days i was looking for live streaming online radio. And from giant search engine Google i have got my search results. More over i was looking for capture unlimited music what ever i listen from free streaming live radio stations. And all thanks goes to Google search engine […]

How To Hide any files in an image in windows xp

Hi guys i hope everything is going on nicely and i hope you are gonna be a regular visitor of this blog. As i posted before how to hide a files or folder without any software but today’s post is more funny and nice to hide a files or folder to your computer. You know […]

Google Language Translation Bangla To English Language

Hi guys, How is going on now a days! I hope everything is fine. Its been a long time I was looking for something on Google about language on online web.You know that In online now a days by the great help of Google translation tools we can translate any language to English. But its […]

Post Your Tweet In Facebook And Twitter Together?

Hi guys, Now a days may be you are too busy and cant manage your time for update post on Facebook regularly. Don’t be worried ! If you are a twitter user you can tweet your post both twitter and Facebook at the same time. That means if you do any post in twitter it […]

Facebook profile is get a new layout

Facebook is going to changes its profile pages. Last week sun day Facebook said on a blog post that they are going to redesigned the facebook profile pages for the sake of more feature’s and details of its user information. 1.Why the changes?:Facebook said in a blog post on last Sunday that the profiles changes […]

When is the best time for reading blog ?

Do you know that now a days blogging has reached its highest popularity in the online web.For me as professional blogger its quite tough to say that I don’t like reading blog? For reading blog which is the best time ?I have given a post few days ago on that post i said morning is […]

Surf Net By Facebook |Search Easily Share Easily

The web has changed dramatically in huge manner since Mr.Marc Andreessen revolutionised the Internet with the introduction of his Netscape browser in the mid 1990s. Now he is betting people are ready to try a different web -surfing technique on a new Browser called Rockmelt. Although still in beta version this browser is available now.Its […]

How To Backup Bookmarks From Mozilla Firefox

No more .This post when I am writing currently is shifted in my own domain.From now you can visit this blog just type: okay the topics of today’s post also about websites address. You may have a lot of sites bookmarked on Mozilla but you don’t know how to backup this bookmark page. why […]

Backup Your Facebook Friends Forever

The life is short.Now a days Facebook Profile also something become like that.We don’t have any surety that when our facebook profile would be vanished? Or its very hard to say when our facebook would be Hack ? There is no certain time when our facebook would be banned? lets say, one day you can […]

Your Pc Will Speak To You

what if what ever you type in your pc and pc speak it for you.Yes you can create this funny software even yourself within a one minutes only.You can do it without any software.Its called a text to audio converter. How to Create a Text to Audio Converter Open a Notepad and save the notepad […]

Send Bangla Email Using Facebook

Hi, guys, how is going on this days! I hope everything is fine.It’s been a  long time i never post about Facebook.Today i am going to share with you a Facebook tip.We everybody knows most of the time when we browse online mostly connected with Facebook.Facebook has become very popular in all sorts of people.Facebook […]

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