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Are you looking for Best downloader than IDM ?

Few days ago i had given a post about Linux installation. If i am not wrong i must say everybody fear Linux OS.But if you are a Linux user as your 2nd OS or permanent what ever it is today i am gonna tell you about a downloader software. Which is the best high speed […]

How to stop facebook photo tag by friends?

Few days ago  i have got one email from a facebook friends. He wrote me that some one Tag his facebook photo but the picture which has been tagged by his friends was not a good picture to him. So he was feeling in an embarrassment that was very unusual to him. What he write […]

Why people will read my blog?

This is a sensitive question if i ask myself as this blog owner why people will read my blog ? May be i need to explain something for it. I am blogging here for the last of 9 months even though haven’t finish my 1 year by this time i have gained some experience in […]

How to download Youtube Video As Mp3 Without Any Software

Hi, YouTube video can be download as mp3 directly without any software. If you are a crazy video songs lover of YouTube then this post will help you how to download the songs as mp3 format. Most of the people like to download YouTube videos. But if they download the video can be seen as […]

You can Voice Chat with your Facebook Home page Now

Hello guys, its no matter how long you have been using most popular social networking sites facebook. But if you don’t have the opportunity to chat with your Friends then its some time very unusual to you right !Good news is now you  can directly voice chat with your default facebook chat box . If  […]

Is it possible for me to Start Blogging Now ?

Hello, Everybody i hope everything is right. What is the current most popular topics right now ? If i ask you, you will probably answer blogging or blogs. What do we mean by blog ? I don’t wanna answer this but i must say this is become pretty common issue now. In one word we […]

Run Internet Explorer In Google Chrome

Google Chrome is another most popular web browser as Mozilla FireFox. In recent time we have seen everybody like to use more than one or two web browser. But what i wanna tell you here please use Mozilla firefox as your default web browser. I have been using Google chrome web browser for the last […]

Mozilla Firefox Will Speak To You

Everybody will be agree with me to say that Mozilla FireFox is the best web browser in Online. If you want to stay safe, go fast and want to personalize easily then this is must for you. It becomes the best web browser for high performance, easy customization and advanced security options. But above all […]

Are you getting bored for Twitter new follower messages?

Twitter door is open for you now. When you have started on twitter and everything is going well for you. You are doing tweets following new people getting huge followers all the stuff are nicely going on but.. Ya something is not going right for you. whats that?You are crazy twitter user and You have […]

Get OCR Facilities in Google Docs

We can separate text from picture or pdf file by using OCR (optical character recognition software. But in our pc if we don’t have OCR software – You can do it from online using Google docs. So first of all log in to google docs – files to upload2.Select pdf or image file3.Select the check […]

Run Linux From Windows

Hi guys, How is going on now a days ? I hope everybody is fine. Few days ago i had given a post why i will use Linux? Yes this is something like need to be explained. There are a lot of reasons  for changing the OS. But actually we are pretty much known about […]

Set Animation in Pdf Files

There is no alternative of power point for presentation.  We know that in power point presentation – We can get some kind of facilities such as set animation while changing the page, set music or full screen etc. If this kind of facilities we can set from a Pdf file also – it would be […]

Can you lift up your blog by Share Content

Blog content Hi guys, its pretty good opportunity for me to write such kind of stuff here. Content sharing is one of the most important part of a blog. I must say if you are a professional blogger than why late to share your content in various social networking and articles directory sites so that […]

How to update status on twitter more than 140 characters ?

I am large ! Most popular micro blogging sites in twitter some time we need to update our status or tweet more than 140 characters. Unfortunately twitter never give the facilities of updating status more than 140 characters. But if we need to update on status more than 140 characters, what should we do?Is there […]

10 great ways to improve your Tech Life

You must be sad if your gadgets and computers, your software and sites – they are not working as well as they should. You need to make some tweaks. How to involves this tweaks to your technological life ? I like to find out some great ways here. Lets talk about 10 great ways to […]

Why I will use Linux Os?

Hi guys, its been few days that  i am not regular in my blog. I am sorry for that but what do you feel if your computer become very slow? what do you feel if you need to pay high for some software? like ms office, windows antivirus. what do you feel if you need […]

Firefox will shutdown your pc after complete download

There are a lot of big file in online which we need to download but this kind of file take long time to complete download. So when you need to download something from online if the file is not small than you have to wait for finish download to shut down your computer. So that […]

Manage multiple gmail Accounts just from One Gmail

Google has launched another tremendous gmail feature today. It is called email delegation. The feature will allow you to easily manage multiple gmail accounts so easily. You can manage all your gmail accounts from one single gmail now. I hope with this feature any gmail user will be benefited there is no doubt about that. […]

Best password Reminder Software That I am Using

When i am writing this post its 2011 already. So i must wish “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011” to all. Today is the first day of January in 2011 Here i am gonna share you today something that can be very helpful to you. Lets say in recent time web browsing we need to remember so […]

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