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Smartphone Security Tips That You Must Know

At present more people are buying Smart phone. So smart phones are the target devices for the criminals. They like to break the security and spread viruses on it. Smartphone So if you need to use your mobile with secure and safely then you should follow some of the safety rules, but most of us […]

Windows 7 Most Important And Secret Tips

There is none who don’t like to know the secret and most important tips of windows 7. Currently windows 7 is most popular for all user. Although in Bangladesh most of the people are windows xp user but very soon windows 7 will be popular too. Why i am gonna talk about windows 7 ? […]

Can I chat in Google Talk As Invisible ?

Many of us have Google Talk. We have this account for talking with our Gmail Account holder. who have this id can talk each other pretty easily. But Can we go offline while we chat online in Google Talk? Mind the word : ” Chat in Offline Mood” Do you ever try this? I hope […]

What is my computer doing Now?

You are not sure something about your PC. Whats going on there? Some time its not doing right. Even though you have performed well in anti virus or run the program well there is something more which is not working well in your computer. This is the time to know about them. Why my PC […]

Top 5 Smart phone Which You Must Buy

This is the time when mobile phone specially smart phone are climbing up high by its new features  day by day in rapid speed. We are looking for best Smart phone but at the end we don’t know which phone would be the best choice for us. Here i am giving Top 5  smart phone […]

Browse the Block Webpages With Tor Browser

We can closed or block web pages in many ways. Such as Manually done by using OS, Using web browser, Stopping network port, Using Router, Using the country gateway etc. And on the other hand we can see block webpages using deference kinds of proxy sites, hiding the ip address, using virtual private network etc. […]

How to Uninstall Ubuntu From Windows 7

Uninstall ubuntu I have given a post already about ubuntu installation but the matter of fact is somebody do not like to continue with ubuntu. Why because when they start up windows they never find windows 7 as default boot more over every time they have to choose windows 7 manually. So i have got […]

How to Download Unlimited songs from Online Bangla Radio

Before few months ago i had given a post about listening songs from online radio. On that post i wrote how to capture songs unlimited for free. Today i liked to clear it more actually how to download or capture bangla radio songs into the pc. Its not so hard to do actually. Just install […]

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