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How to Make short URL for Google+ profile with

Guys as i spoke earlier i will be regular in blogging here so that’s why today i have given to you a short tips for google plus. You know very well that recently google plus has become so popular same as facebook. But what is the problem in google plus is that we cant […]

How to stop Spam Comment for wordpress blog?

You have pretty nice blog with remarkable article. You have got great number of visitors everyday and you are enjoying your blogging experience with them. The thing which recently very heartening to you is everyday you are getting huge number of spam comment. You cant understand which is original comment and which is spam. Its […]

Are you looking for free English to Bengali Dectionaries?

Recently it has found that Google’s has stopped its online dictionary services. So that’s for sure some of the online user like to have a desktop offline English to English or English to Bangla Dictionary. You know to finding the meaning of unknown word dictionary is very helpful tool for us. So we everybody should […]

Talk iphone to iphone free

Hi guys its very nice to me to come near you again. Because its long time have passed that i have been doing my post irregularly. Actually for blogging concern i should not update my post irregularly. But what is happening now to me i can not get 100% spirit for writing. Or may be […]

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